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Well hello again. Or just hello if we haven't met before. Or hello again, again, if you suffer from deja vu. Gosh, I'm so witty! Yes, it's your eruditely pink sex bomb of reviewerliness. See, I can make up new words too and you are so impressed that you're almost speechless!

Well then, enough about me. I can see an evil glint in your eye. Either that or they glazed over with admiration at my charming personality. Or my... ooooo.... your hand is cold... OK, or my sticking out naughty bits. Just like always. I don't know why I try! Oh well, on with the review. Today we are looking at Fetishtastic. See, I'm not the only person who can make up words. But in this case it's more justified. The artwork is fantastic and the subject is definitely fetish. It's the sort of place to make your toes curl up. Literally! Mine did! You see, it's all about feet and tickling. And sex of course. We can't forget that element! There is certainly no shortage of bountiful babes prepared to display their all in scintillating color or stark black and white line art. But the focus is very much on making those lascivious lovelies laugh until they cream, by the adroit administration of feathers to their tootsies. I tell you, I could hardly walk after seeing all this art. And it wasn't just my toes that curled!

And did you notice? I can do alliteration too! Aren't I... now just hold on... that isn't a feather you're holding is it? If so you really should look around this site first. It is truly inspiring!


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